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"Mash" the Cardigan Corgi Animesh Teeglepet (NEW!)
"Bangers" the Pembroke Corgi Animesh Teeglepet (NEW!)
  • by Teegle
  • Chester the Cowboy Corgi (coat applier, shown on Bangers) by Grimoire Designs
    Layla the Lucky Labahoula (coat applier, shown on Mash) by Grimoire Designs
    Skyler the Spirited Shepsky (coat applier, shown on Wolf) by Grimoire Designs
    The TWBM Wolf Pup avatar by Timber Wilds Industries and Bird-E-Mart collab
    Yote Pup (coat applier for The TWBM Wolf Pup avatar) by ULTRAFREEZE
  • The Dog & Pony Show 2023, sponsored by Teegle (till Oct. 23rd)
  • Taxi

  • "Ghost" the Wolf Animesh Teeglepet
  • by Teegle

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